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The Novogratz
Los Angeles, CA 90069



The Novogratz
Los Angeles, CA 90069


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Jan 29 2015

Woman's World | February 2015

Novogratz Macy's Collection featured in Woman's World "Hot Trend"- We couldn't be happier.

Jan 13 2015

Rue Magazine | January 2015

Bob and Cortney's project in Seabrook, Washington, featured in Rue Magazine's January 2015 issue. To read the full article, click here.

Rue Magazine- Novogratz

Novogratz- Rue Magazine 120

Novogratz- Rue Magazine 122

Novogratz- Rue Magazine- 124

Novogratz- Rue Magazine- 126

Novogratz- Rue Magazine- 128

Novogratz- Rue Magazine- 130

Novogratz- Rue Magazine- 132

Novogratz- Rue Magazine- 134

Jan 13 2015

HGTV Magazine | January 2015

HGTV Magazine featured these 9 by Novogratz sheets in "50 Ways to Spend $100 (or a lot less!)" Get yours here.

Jan 5 2015

Breaker Novogratz | Tiger Beat - January 2015

Breaker was featured in Tiger Beat's "Cutest Boy You're Not Crushing on... Yet!" Click here to read the full article.

Jan 5 2015

L.A. Times, December 2014

To read the article by L.A. Times reporter Lisa Boone about how the Novogratz family has made the transition to L.A., click here.