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The Novogratz
Los Angeles, CA 90069



The Novogratz
Los Angeles, CA 90069


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Jan 27 2022

Clever | The Novogratz’s 7 Home Essentials

Clever asks The Novogratz for their picks for essential home decor items. Check out the whole story here. 

Jan 26 2022

Real Homes | This Novogratz bed is a game changer for small bedrooms

Real Homes features the Marion Canopy Bed in its tour of Tallulah's first post-college apartment, designed by Cortney Novogratz. See the story here. 

Jan 25 2022

Better Homes & Gardens | Artful Animals

Better Homes & Gardens includes the Novogratz Leon Rug in its picks for kids room statement rugs. Check out the Jan/Feb issue. 

Jan 12 2022

Domino | How Cortney Novogratz Made Her Daughter’s First Post-College Apartment Feel Like Home

Domino interviews Cortney about decorating Tallulah's first post-college apartment. See the whole article. 

Dec 31 2021

Hollywood Times | Pajamerz Chats Basketball Star Paintings, Childhood Inspirations, Jeff Koonz Mentorship

Hollywood Times interviews Novogratz collaborator Pajamerz. See the interview here.